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ICO development

First tendencies of ICOs development started in 2013.  Within last five years they became stronger, more eminent and gained significant attention of large professional groups, investors and media. Though almost everyone nowadays heard about Initial Coin Offerings, many people don’t fully understand what it is, what benefits it gives and how it actually works.

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Coin creaition

Exists high probability that gradually work on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain networks will conquer the biggest part of international corporations. Bitcoin open source code gives a possibility to create your own cryptocurrency on its basis. What it gives you is transactions security and convenient intra-organizational exchanges. Though a considerable amount of coding needs to be done in order to modify Bitcoin open source code and adopt it for your needs.

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Software development for blockchain projects

Personal account, wallet, DApp.

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Customer service support can be provided by means of virtual assistance. Our chat-bots can answer questions, fill in forms and help customers make transactions in an easy conversational way, that even newbies will master.

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Social management

Social media is modern and fast way to advance your project and attract potential investors. ICO Development Service is an ideal choice for advancement of your business. Our team will manage accounts in social networks; create informative and interesting posts about your project regularly. We will provide interaction to get more customer feedback and make you an absolute leader.

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Translate service

Our Translation Agency has more than 15 years of experience in providing translation and interpreting services. We can offer our customers multiple stage of translation performing, including highly-skilled professional translators and editors. We work with more than 20 languages and clients are always satisfied with our work.

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KYC services for ICOs

Our system helps ICO to trust its users.

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Graphic content development

Banners, logos, videos, UX/UI design...

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Each individual, each team, each organization has its own unique set of challenges and goals. Whether you have a question about our solutions, our work approach or curious as to which of the solution cover your goals, use the contact form on the right. We also welcome feedback, so if we've helped you resolve a problem or you aren't happy with the solutions you've received, let us know so we can put things right.

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